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Shengal Êzidis Assembly releases final resolution

16 January
17:17 2015

SHENGAL (DİHA) - On 14 January at a meeting on Mount Sinjar (Shengal) the decision was taken to establish an assembly, the Assembly of Sinjar Êzidis. The people who attended the meeting said it was a historic step towards the Êzidis determining their own future.

Zerdeşt Günay, from the Federation of Êzidis Associations in Europe, said it was important to establish how the Êzidis would organise themselves militarily and politically, and how they would govern themselves. Günay added that that was the purpose of the meeting.

'Lack of organisation is over'

Günay continued, saying: "They always used to say the Êzidis were an ancient people, the original Kurds etc. But these were just words and were not put into practice. If the Êzidis do not organise themselves and govern themselves they will face similar problems in the future. If this meeting had been held earlier the massacres of August could have been prevented. The people could have defended themselves.”

Günay added that the resistance of some tribes and circles to organisation had been broken by recent tragedies and that all Yazidis realised they had to get organised in order to survive. Sociologist and Êzidis Foundation in Turkey chair Azad Barış, said that every year on 3 August the Êzidis turned towards the sun to pray, adding that last year they hadn’t known where to turn on account of the catastrophe that occurred on that day. He emphasised that ISIS had targeted the beliefs of the Êzidis.

'If we had been organised the massacre could have been prevented'

Barış said he was hopeful for the future after the decision to set up an assembly. "The Êzidis have once again seen where the sun is. In the last 4 months 40 years’ work has been accomplished. If this continues, the Êzidis will govern themselves.” Dayê Bihar, a woman who attended the meeting, said: “If we had been organised, our people would not have been abducted. We are very happy that the meeting took place. We also want democratic autonomy.”

'PKK is with us'

Sheikh Xelef Şengo Hesen from Sinjar stressed the importance of the meeting for Êzidi unity, saying: "With the help of the Peacock Angel and God we will ensure the alliance of Êzidis and be saved from the clutches of ISIS. The PKK is with us. We are loyal to them and they are loyal to us.”